[kictanet] Competitive Advantage through Continuous Technical Education

Mbugua Njihia mbugua.njihia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 08:00:10 EAT 2018

Every business is a technology business and staying ahead of the curve
requires that executives at the helm of every organization must make effort
to update themselves and remain relevant in what is a fast paced and every
changing business and competitive landscape. For many career paths, core
learning seemingly stops after the undergraduate degree and entry into the
job market with post graduate courses and certifications viewed as
embellishments with some even questioning the value of others such as the
MBA. I say this not to discredit or negate the pursuit of post graduate
papers but to lend more weight to the pursuit of critical knowledge that
would future proof ones place in the workforce while allowing for better
mid to long term strategy outlays that are cognizant of what is coming and
also what is possible. Thoughts?  -

Mbugua Njihia

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