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Dear Listers,

The below symposium may be of interest to some of you.


Best Regards,


Alex Watila


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Subject: [IEEE Kenya Symposium 2018] Invitation to Symposium at Riara University,Nairobi 24th-25th August


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We pray that you are doing well.

Welcome to the IEEE Kenya 2018 Symposium. The theme of the Symposium is: Advancing Technology for a Better Tomorrow. The Symposium will be held at Riara University, Mbagathi Way, Nairobi, from 24th to 25th August 2018. The main objective of the symposium is to propel innovation and entrepreneurship and to engage the government and private stakeholders to educate the public about the significant contributions of engineering to society. 

The Symposium will engage participants both in dialogue and practicality about the importance of involving technology in this era. Over 200 participants from the tech and engineering fields will come together for an accelerated professional networking and entrepreneurial boot camp in Nairobi. It aims to inform the public about the benefits of engineering to society, create a larger, vibrant and committed student membership and strengthen the link between industry and academia. It will intersect disciplines, encouraging participants to see how their training and education connects to real world problems.  



If you would like to participate in any way during the event as an additional panelist or presenter for an item that may be of interest to the attendees please write to  ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org <mailto:ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org> .


Institutional or Corporate attendance / Sponsorship

To come in as a sponsor for the event or register as a Company to participate in any way and be included in the program, please also write to the Organising Committee on ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org <mailto:ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org>  and we shall get back to you with further details.


Register your attendance for the event online via the Vtools Event Page: IEEE Kenya Symposium 2018 <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=Gt5RZzmOOr6nMn_GUK5ULPzux0sPVtFPL933IJDbJEwSQ4sgsti0mHBsJIGb_Ex8Tf9zlBt7DgsmOtHetPdtTA~~>  and like the Facebook page: IEEE Kenya Symposium 2018 <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=kzqddleuZo2SegwHerDAHsTvZQjmQQ_XTwrMYM2MjLhMIEQkJRbMYV9A4HXGV19APdMsJcK1DIm6NwIOLqxurA~~> 

Direct registration link: REGISTER HERE <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=T7ncrMZv0KpjJpFYCQ7e2qQ5hhwwzL98maFXWOXH2uMk0qWJfn6Pnuawoq5wn1Od0T7ONSZ5i65ODPToek0tCw~~> 


Kindly feel free to share this within your networks and other non-IEEE members who may benefit from attending the event. 


Please see below the tentative program for the event. We shall refine it further as we draw closer to the D-day.



Looking forward to meeting you at the Symposium.


Kind Regards, 

The Organising Committee

2018 IEEE Kenya Section Symposium

Email:                   <mailto:%20ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org> ieeekenya-expo at ieee.org

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Facebook Page:    <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=IsuU0_2m8Wk8-FohezqMZ-hFvpjXVciapPj2KZX4Z5dqPMMJ4TRJoUlcD86_SFb6JfFtRd9IMfpnFjWNdu8vzw~~> IEEE Kenya Symposium 2018

Kenya Section : http://www.ieeekenya.or.ke/ <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=FyCcw12g1FvsPCYOwOPcct1f4kZOuQPlqx-uuVfGwL97u_tx_BXagiLc8kk-mTWQ_VrbpWzDlvNYbRv6w54cdg~~>  


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