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Thanks Washington!
The deate on whether coming home has any import on sharing the platform is
interesting. Lets watch the space.

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>> Dear Listers,
>> Other than the emotional value, what is in it for Kenyans with Mpesa
>> "coming home"?
> Hi Grace,
> Someone has penned the following: http://goo.gl/yvooPb
> However, from where I sit, I think it's just the sentimental/emotional
> value that's being peddled. It's Kenyan product (really?? Which Kenyan did
> it?) and it's been living in exile, but now we've brought it home! Okay,
> that sounds quite negative so let me add..
> I hope that clients will never see/hear "M-Pesa is experiencing delays.
> Please wait for 10 minutes and try again". Item number 2 in the referenced
> article seemed to want to touch on issues like this, but it doesn't
> expressly say why we used to get such delays when the old (G-1) system
> didn't actually hit it's peak limit. So maybe it was an issue with Internet
> traffic delays to Germany, which is now eliminated from the equation by the
> local hosting of the servers.
> Maybe this G-2 will be opened up for the other Telcos, something that has
> always been in contention. Item 3 in the referenced article wanted to talk
> about that, but ended up with unnecessary noise. Time will tell whether
> Safaricom will allow others to compete with it in its own platform.
> Ni hayo tu kutoka kwangu.
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