[kictanet] Draft Wireless Broadband Spectrum Policy Guidelines 2014

Ali Hussein ali at hussein.me.ke
Fri Jun 13 08:08:11 EAT 2014


Apologies for cross-posting.

The above refers. Can anyone direct me where this document can be
downloaded because I certainly cant see it on the Ministry Website below.
Unless my browser is playing tricks on me...


As a matter of information the website says:-

Stakeholders are invited to download the Draft Wireless Broadband Spectrum
Policy Guidelines at http://www.information.go.ke. Substantive comments
with specific proposals for amendments to the draft policy should be sent
to: spectrumpolicyreview at information.go.ke by close of business Friday 13th
June 2014.

And in today's Standard, Page, 36 there is an advert that says that the
deadline for submissions has been moved to Friday, 26th June 2014.

Some one please update the Ministry Website...


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