[kictanet] Universal Access in Kenya (Is it really working?)

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I am on record several times complaining the slow pace by the World Bank to release the funds for the Pasha project.  I am told that this will happen in January even though their pilot projects are operational.

This did not stop us from advancing the digital village concept.  We invited the operators to roll them out in return for not paying the first year USF.  One operator has already rolled out 500 of these DVs.  There is a committee in place to help the rest of the operators roll out.

IBM conducted a study on DVs to help further develop the value proposition.  As a result we have key corporations willing to participate.  For example CFC Stanbic want their online share trade to be on DVs.

The challenge we have is getting entrepreneurs from every constituency.  Most regions folks expect grants.  The resources available are for revolving funds.  In other words loans to set up the enterprise.  There is plenty of loanable resources from Youth and Women Enterprise to the world bank.  Our people must get to understand risk and enterprise.  Individually we must spend all our energies to educate our people.  

I must state here that the last time we advertised, 95 percent of the 2000 applications came from one ethnic group.  We could not move for obvious reasons.  I would hope in future listers seek to understand the problem before rushing to making conclusions.  At this time of our development we must emphasize evidence based decisions.

We are talking to MPs to assist disseminate some of these information.  Our Parliamentary Chairman Hon. Eng. Spends most of the time explaining and encouraging MPs to sensatize their own people.  We cannot for for example to North Hor and put up a DV without willing people to run it.

On NOFBI I do not know what you are talking about because I know some operators are using the network and it is managed by TKL.


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