[kictanet] Two major blunders on KTN's "the presenter"

Maina Samson esmainah at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 08:41:20 EAT 2009

Just observed some two blunders with KTN's concluded "the Presenter" show. Who else did?
1. Calling a commercial break while on stage already holding the envelop containing the name of the winner. That, to me, is supposed to be the most transparent stage and even if its good to create some suspense, create it with Cameras on the envelop. Otherwise it will become very hard to convince the genera viwers other than those in the Lyco regency that nothing happened to the envelop during that break. Nevertheless, Fahreed Khimani is a great MC, so are Melly and the Yu CEO.
2.  Taking a commercial break as indicated in (1) above to advertise "Orange- together we can do more" just when the Yu CEO is busy on stage trying to capture the crowds with his good MC talent. If I were doing the programming, zain, Safcom or Ornage would not have featured anywhere. For all goodness sake, Yu were the sponsors!!!!!!


Samson Major

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