[kictanet] Broadcasting Licenses to be recovered.

John Walubengo jwalu at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 18:31:32 EAT 2009

About 3 weeks ago I read in the press that PS, Dr. Ndemo said that idle or non-activated communication frequencies would be recovered from the buyers and returned to the market.  More recently I have been seeing an Advert from CCK signed by one friend of mine by the name Francis Wangusi - basically putting the owners of idle frequencies on high alert.

It is possible that many "connected" individuals during the KANU/NARC days got enough frequencies for speculative purposes and these should be recovered. My question is, to what extend have the conditions that allowed speculative frequency buying changed? Because if they havent, what Francis Wangusi and company would be doing is to recover public assets from one group and giving it to the other...I hope am wrong, but that is the way i see it, unless someone can enlighten me.



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