[kictanet] Projections

John Walubengo jwalu at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 09:43:30 EAT 2007

Bw. PS,

Am not really pessimistic - just looking at the worst-case
scenarios in order to provoke corresponding and appropriate


--- bitange at jambo.co.ke wrote:

> Dear Walubengo,
> Studies have shown that if you constantly think that you
> will fail, indeed
> you fail eventually.   I gather that you have already
> decided to be too
> pessimistic about the future of ICTs in this country. 
> When the Koreans
> built their broadband networks, virtually all men were
> into pornography. 
> After overcoming the spiteful start, they have built
> wonderful local
> content and search engines that rival google.
> You can now project how we shall use the ICTs to remove
> poverty from our
> midst.
> Regards
> Ndemo.

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