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Dr. Ndemo,

It is interesting what you have said about how the Koreans used their high speed links initially for pornography, my take would then be why don't we concentrate on providing local pornographic content so that we can get more people online.

This will allow us to exist this unproductive use of bandwidth so that we will have higher utilisation of the fiber when it lands.  I know the concept here is that the reasons for the initial uptake of a technology is not necessarily what it was designed to do.

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Dear Walubengo,
Studies have shown that if you constantly think that you will fail,
you fail eventually.   I gather that you have already decided to be too
pessimistic about the future of ICTs in this country.  When the Koreans
built their broadband networks, virtually all men were into
After overcoming the spiteful start, they have built wonderful local
content and search engines that rival google.

You can now project how we shall use the ICTs to remove poverty from



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