[Kictanet] Fw: [DigAfrica] How broke company won tender

Florence Etta Fetta at idrc.or.ke
Thu Sep 22 11:39:54 EAT 2005

Hi all,
This is in response to Brian's explanation below. It is in my opinion a 
good thing to question and to raise issues when things are unclear or come 
to light. It is precisely for this reason that we have a tool such as a 
discussion list. So Brian  as long as you remain courteous and decent, you 
may ask all you can. In my opinion it is a good learning and information tool.
  At 09:04 AM 9/22/2005 +0300, Brian Longwe wrote:

>On 21 Sep 2005, at 22:06, Brian Longwe wrote:
>>I'm not taking sides here, just asking questions that I think should
>>straighten what is clearly spurios reasoning...
>I don't normally reply to my own emails - but I just realised that my 
>mention of spurious reasoning yesterday might have been misconstrued to be 
>referring to the comments made by my colleagues Alice and Florence. I 
>would like to make a correction - I was not referring to them but rather 
>to the conclusion reached in the press article by the author, which seem 
>to have been based on questionable sources of information.
>Apologies to all for any misunderstanding :-)
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