[Kictanet] Fw: [DigAfrica] How broke company won tender

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Brian,  I think it was clear that your reference was to the conclusion 
arrived at by the author of the article.
But you do bring into light certain aspects that the author left out which 
is helpful in understanding the situation.
However, I think, it would be even more helpful if journalists could go the 
extra mile to explain the mechanisms/structures of the industry being 
reported on and allow readers to make the mental exercise of jumping into 


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> On 21 Sep 2005, at 22:06, Brian Longwe wrote:
>> I'm not taking sides here, just asking questions that I think should
>> straighten what is clearly spurios reasoning...
> I don't normally reply to my own emails - but I just realised that my
> mention of spurious reasoning yesterday might have been misconstrued
> to be referring to the comments made by my colleagues Alice and
> Florence. I would like to make a correction - I was not referring to
> them but rather to the conclusion reached in the press article by the
> author, which seem to have been based on questionable sources of
> information.
> Apologies to all for any misunderstanding :-)
> Brian
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