[kictanet] How Meta is Preparing for Kenya’s 2022 General Election

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Wed Jul 20 13:57:52 EAT 2022

Hi Listers,

Meta has today published a blog on the measures it is taking in preparation
for Kenya's 2022 election. Feel free to point out what more the platform
can do.


*Today, we’re sharing an update on our work to help ensure a safe and
secure General Election in Kenya on August 9. We’ve been preparing for the
country’s 2022 election over the past year with the help of a dedicated
team that’s working closely with election authorities and trusted partners
in the country. Additionally, we’ve invested in people and technology to
help reduce the spread of misinformation, detect and remove hate speech,
improve digital literacy and help make political advertising more

more: https://about.fb.com/news/2022/07/how-metas-preparing-for-kenyas-2022-general-election/?shareadraft=62d71a2bed000

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