[kictanet] Unsolicited political messages

Grace Githaiga ggithaiga at kictanet.or.ke
Wed Jul 20 09:38:22 EAT 2022

Good morning Listers,

Have any of you received this (attached) unsolicited political text(s)?
Where are these politicians getting people's phone numbers? And are they
not aware that we now have a Data Protection Act?

KICTANet did a brief on Personal Data and Elections 2022
<https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=44723>  that assesses, the effect
of the Data Protection Act 2019 implementation on the impending Kenyan
elections in 2022  The significance of the Act lies in the fact that, in
contrast to past elections, the 2022 election is the first to be held under
a data protection statute.

Interested in hearing your views.

Grace Githaiga
KICTANet Convenor

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