[kictanet] Invitation to Participate in ' Talk to IEBC'

Benson Muite benson_muite at emailplus.org
Tue Jul 19 11:55:06 EAT 2022

> I find downloading a document with the full list of political candidates 
> tedious.
Yes, pdf format is not so great for this. CSV is much friendlier for 
data mining and building applications, but also not as easy to digest 
directly when there are a lot of entries.
> Open cities lab in collaboration with African Uncensored recently 
> launched a website that enables you to identify the candidates in their 
> respective area of contest/polling station starting from the president 
> to the MCA position 👇🏾👇🏾https://mycandidate-kenya.opencitieslab.org 
This is nice.  Data in an accessible format that can be imported into a 
database allows developers to create user friendly applications. 
Websites typically log ip address data, and if you are logged in to 
Google, and do a Google search based on the links available in the 
website above, this may also be logged in your search history. Choice in 
applications is also good.
> Regards,
> Tabitha.

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