[kictanet] Mobile phones, SIM card prices up starting Friday on taxes

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> Many thanks Victor,
> I think it's time for us to seriously consider manufacturing most of this
> devices locally. I hope the incoming government will consider this
> otherwise such moves will only widen the gap between the haves and the have
> not.
> Regards

@Barrack Otieno <barrack at kictanet.or.ke> since we cannot manufacture
electronics locally (should I make specific reference to mobile phones?)
did you mean to say "assembling most of these devices locally"? Does the
govt consider manufacturing and assembly to be synonymous? To the extent
that the proposed taxes will not be levied on the locally assembled units?
It is good to dream about being able to manufacture the devices locally one
day, but I think that will be addressing a different issue than the one we
have at hand - over-taxation! There's just something way off with our
taxation regime that needs to be addressed. Industrialization should not be
bundled together with that problem, IMHO.
A SIM card going for KES50, with the additional KES50 for airtime is not
something that will widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots. The
taxation regime itself is to blame for everything bedeviling us, our
economy. Sealing the loopholes used by civil servants to steal from the
govt will help address these taxation issues.
For example, do you know that there are govt entities that spend KES
700,000 on letsencrypt certificates annually, yet the certificates are
FREE? :-)

Best regards,
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