[kictanet] New Research Paper - What really impedes the scaling out of digital services for agriculture?

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Hi John

Thanks for sharing. Looks like an interesting read.


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> Hello Listers,
> Allow me to bring to your attention our new research paper, peer reviewed
> and published in the  new Smart Agricultural Technologies journal. The
> title is: *What really impedes the scaling out of digital services for
> agriculture? A Kenyan users’ perspective
> <https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2772375522000016>. *The
> paper, attached, can be shared freely on CC BY basis.
> In summary, the study sought conceptual clarity on barriers to the success
> of digital services for agriculture as deployed by Startups, NGOs,
> Government etc. We examined the latent structure and patterns of
> association among such impediments as mentioned in the literature and
> perceived by end users. Quantitatively and qualitatively, we ascertained a
> three-factor structure comprising *(1) Technology Accessibility* *-
> digital skills, internet, devices, electricity ...* *(2) Service
> Discoverability - awareness, collaboration, one-stop-shop ..., * and* (3)
> Service Value Proposition **- usability, relevance, service
> affordability... *According to the study, the success of digital services
> for agriculture in Kenya (and similar services or similar settings)
> boils down to how practitioners and policy makers optimize interventions
> around these three dimensions. Discoverability and Value proposition
> co-varied more than with technology accessibility as they are more in the
> purview of the digital service provider (than technology accessibility). We
> also proposed a scale for measuring the impediments.
> We argued that public policy, one of our qualitatively generated themes,
> was indirectly covered in the three dimensions of the structure (that it is
> not necessarily a fourth dimension). Confirming or disconfirming this bit
> about public policy may be a topic for further research. Curious to know
> what KICTANET listers think of this ...
> My co-authors were Prof. Waema, Dr. Baumüller, Prof. Ndemo, & Dr. Omwansa
> Kind regards
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