[kictanet] What Happens to Your Data When Your SIM Card Expires?

David Indeje davidindeje at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 12:03:28 EAT 2022

[image: image.png]

Dear Listers,

The above screenshot is from Safaricom which was responding to an inquiry
on what makes your SIM card expire.

The question came as a result of a Twitter conversation from Ms Wamuyu
Kariuki who apparently was out of the country and her SIM card expired. As
a result, she was given another Sim card which 'apparently belonged to
somebody and she apparently used to receive messages from the SIM card's

*A. "I receive church contributions report every week for a church in
Kisumu on the number attached to my Till Number. I know how much they
collect every Sunday per district. How safe is this?"*

*B. It’s was such an expensive and tedious affair to change my mobile
number on all my online subscriptions that require authentication via
mobile number for access. eCitizen, NHIF, NSSF, Bank, Email.*

*Here is the thread link *

We understand the KYC process that any telco does when you intend to
replace a lost SIM card, but in this scenario, it was a new line being
bought once it was returned into circulation.

Is it true then:

*"The history cleared is only for the owner from previous to new. That’s
why they have the SSSD code to check the line registration. However, the
history of what loans, subscriptions and crimes committed if any is not
cleared and that follows the new owner. KYC is business only."*

I would like to know what process is used to determine how someone's number
from the SIM card is fit to be re-circulated into the market and what
happens to the history of its previous user?

*Kind Regards,*

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