[kictanet] Can Digital Currency Help Kenya? CBK Has a Discussion Paper

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As Central Banks explore possibilities of rolling out 'Central Bank
Digitial Currency" - CBDC, Kenya is not being left out with an aim of
meeting its future payments needs in a digital economy.

As a result, the Central Bank of Kenya has developed a discussion paper
centre on:

   1.  Kenya’s Payments Landscape
   2. CBDC: Opportunities and Risks
   3. Overview of Other Jurisdictions’ CBDC Projects and
   4.   Applicability of CBDC in Kenya

  "It is quite apparent that CBDCs are receiving more attention than ever
before. However, a key point to note is that despite the traction in
attention, the motivations for the issuance of CBDCs vary across countries,
as do the policy approaches and technical designs. Further, CBDC design and
the potential benefits of a Kenyan CBDC remain unclear, similar to many
jurisdictions across the world. Issuing a CBDC could also pose considerable
risks." CBK at it Conclusion. Find a link to the paper

This leads us to "Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Fintech Ecosystem in
Kenya" which looked at the current outlook, challenges and policy options
for the Fintech Sector in Kenya.



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