[kictanet] Elections 2022: Kenyans fear hacking during elections

Benson Muite benson_muite at emailplus.org
Fri Aug 26 09:58:07 EAT 2022

Nice summary.

It would be nice to have electronic copies of forms 35,36,37,38 and 39 - 
even if only scanned, possibly with ID numbers of returning officers 
blanked out. Comprehensive results on MCA elections are missing and they 
are the most accessible elected officials who can positively influence 
our living environment.

Some examples of campaign and election result sites, note use of Spanish 
and English:
There is certainly the ability to create similar sites here (at least in 
Kiswahli and English, hopefully other languages as well), but maybe more 
education or will is needed.

Will there be any education of elected officials on tools for engagement 
such as:
a) Wordpress forums (many county government sites run on wordpress, but 
their quality varies significantly)
b) Civic engagement forums such as Decidim ( https://decidim.org/ ), 
some countys ask for civic engagment in their budget allocations, but 
physical meetings are time consuming compared to online open feedback

On 8/26/22 09:34, David Indeje via KICTANet wrote:
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> Dear Listers,
> Some interesting insights around Elections and Technology. Our Convenor 
> Ms Grace Githaiga and Ms Egline Samoei,one of our  Tech Observer shared 
> insights on the just concluded August 9, 2022 elections for Quartz Africa.
> /“Kenyans don’t trust technology to run the electoral process. We are 
> afraid that systems might be hacked. People want to see the votes 
> counted one by one,” Egline Samoei.
> /
> /
> /
> /“Tech is seen as neural but it doesn’t run elections on its own. People 
> behind the tech run elections. It is a case of garbage in, garbage out. 
> If we key in the right data on the right verification mechanisms, then 
> we will get verified election results,”Grace Githaiga told Quartz. /
> Read more of it here 
> https://news.yahoo.com/kenyans-still-dont-trust-technology-114700550.html <https://news.yahoo.com/kenyans-still-dont-trust-technology-114700550.html>
> In addition, stay updated from our series of blogs about the 2022 Kenya 
> Election. https://www.kictanet.or.ke/what-we-do/election-observers/ 
> <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/what-we-do/election-observers/>
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