[kictanet] PUBLIC PARTIICIPATION REQUEST _ KeNIC WHOIS policy & Data and Information sharing policy

Ali Hussein ali at hussein.me.ke
Fri Sep 3 13:08:54 EAT 2021

Dear Team Kenic

It's great that you are seeking public participation. Here's some
unsolicited and well-intentioned advice:-

Too often public participation in this country is a *tick the box*
exercise. Can we structure the response better? Beyond an email address?

Here's KICTANet's report on public participation
Some good pointers there on what to do and not to do.

As a minimum provide us with a framework and roadmap of how the Public
Participation Process will flow, who will manage it, and feedback will be
provided. Short of this it becomes an academic exercise without
transparency and hence lacking in accountability.

Bottom Line

Public participation in the ICT policy process must be open, accessible,
diverse, collaborative, evidence-based, and transparent. Also, there is a
need to have a holistic, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder mechanism
for public participation.

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organizations that I work with.

On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 3:27 PM KeNIC Admin Emails via KICTANet <
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> Dear Listers,
> We trust you are doing well.
> This is a public participation request on the updated *KeNIC WHOIS policy*
> and *Information sharing policy* which is due for adoption.
> Being a critical data custodian and processor, we would like to ensure
> that the data we have is correct, safe and secure.
> Your input is highly appreciated. Find the documents here
> https://bit.ly/3ByatZz.
> Thank you.
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> Warm Regards.
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