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Greetings Alex,

Please find attached our first Issue of IEEE Kenya Newsletter.

IEEE Kenya News is a quarterly newsletter, published by Electronic Communication and Publicity Committee to keep IEEE members within Kenya updated on programs, initiatives, events and activities.

The printed edition is distributed freely to IEEE members throughout the country and is available here <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=nyca2Vu3AKBudOZpSeyiQ8tu25zi4h1-GPIJ7r-CwJ_TgdbmRXMmEzJb3VimDyxRWAWYB0Cny1DJ-8H2vsNoTA~~>  as a free, downloadable PDF.

IEEE Kenya Newsletter is produced by volunteer editor Mercy Chelagat <mailto:chelangat_ke at ieee.org>   with contributions from members all over the Section.

We encourage IEEE members in Kenya to contribute letters,technological reports, branch reports, conference notices and other articles for publishing in the newsletter. You can get in touch with the editors at any time and send us your articles directly using the following email addresses  chelangat_ke at ieee.org <mailto:chelangat_ke at ieee.org>  or r.r.rading at ieee.org <mailto:r8news at ieee.org> .


Best Regards,

Reinhardt Rading

Electronic Communication Committee Chair


Kenya Section : http://www.ieeekenya.or.ke/ <http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=0FcWmaWsYHSCE7uDzptWLw~~&pe=A_GCFutxWTCZp_XpwWDzkVQxSElJqHM8VkpVH4qCKnSNoLdXPwZi7mNz1kHfaZvYgaMT5Ql6XqymH8hnO24ftg~~>  


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