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Good questions. Would we rather have no photos / video / audio recordings or
not so good ones that give us an idea of various criminal activities  /

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> In page 7 of today's Standard newspaper there is a picture of a policeman
> using his mobile to take photos of the evidence he found at Uhuru Park after
> the blasts. With my little knowledge photography and computer graphics,
> several questions came to my mind:
> 1. Is this the standard procedure for collecting photo evidence in a crime
> scene?
> 2. What is the quality of this phone camera?
> 3.Is this personal or official phone camera?
> 4.How would these photo be processed, stored and retrieved?
> Anybody with answers?
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> Dear All,
> The Serial Killer case exposes that our criminal detectives are either
> disconnected from court case databases (if any exist) or are poorly equipped
> to deal with reality on the ground. Probably both.
> The Daily Nation yesterday revealed the Serial Killer had a pending Court
> Case.
> The fact that he worked for G4S also leaves a lot to be desired - assuming
> he had to *annually* get a Certificate of Good Conduct from the CID.
> There should be annual requirement for security guards to get Certificates
> of Good Conduct if it is not the case already.
> Court case (basic) information should be at the fingertips of every cop on
> duty not just the CID. Every cop on duty (whether stationary or mobile)
> should be able to instantly access 'Occurence Book' (OB) details / data,
> recorded at ANY police station in the country tied to a particular ID#,
> Biometrics or even Aliases. Police transport (vehicles) should be equipped
> with information & communication technology. Cops on the move should also
> have all weather mobile devices to record (photo / video / audio) evidence.
> Court cases being thrown out due to evidence not being collected well ASAP
> should become an exception not expectation in Kenya.
> As the KICTB / World Bank funds various ideas producing digital content
> helpful to governance let them keep some of these in mind.
> If cops know their work will be aided using ICT or analyzed on social (web
> & mobile) media most will do a better job. Many will not leave crime scenes
> without taking fingerprints, photographs, audio recordings - even if they
> have to use mobile phones provided by the Government which can deal with a
> mobile company with offices in Kenya e.g. Nokia.
> We may have lower standards of governance (public integrity) than
> Westerners but Kenyans who demand one law to be passed and enforced for all
> should be able to do so without being bombed / terrorized.
> http://www.onelawforall.org.uk/about/
> Technically this is not difficult to achieve but politics, bureaucracy &
> bribery provide another angle.
> What are we doing about it?
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