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S.Murigi Muraya murigi.muraya at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 13:04:44 EAT 2010

Dear All,

The Serial Killer case exposes that our criminal detectives are either
disconnected from court case databases (if any exist) or are poorly equipped
to deal with reality on the ground. Probably both.

The Daily Nation yesterday revealed the Serial Killer had a pending Court

The fact that he worked for G4S also leaves a lot to be desired - assuming
he had to *annually* get a Certificate of Good Conduct from the CID.

There should be annual requirement for security guards to get Certificates
of Good Conduct if it is not the case already.

Court case (basic) information should be at the fingertips of every cop on
duty not just the CID. Every cop on duty (whether stationary or mobile)
should be able to instantly access 'Occurence Book' (OB) details / data,
recorded at ANY police station in the country tied to a particular ID#,
Biometrics or even Aliases. Police transport (vehicles) should be equipped
with information & communication technology. Cops on the move should also
have all weather mobile devices to record (photo / video / audio) evidence.
Court cases being thrown out due to evidence not being collected well ASAP
should become an exception not expectation in Kenya.

As the KICTB / World Bank funds various ideas producing digital content
helpful to governance let them keep some of these in mind.

If cops know their work will be aided using ICT or analyzed on social (web &
mobile) media most will do a better job. Many will not leave crime scenes
without taking fingerprints, photographs, audio recordings - even if they
have to use mobile phones provided by the Government which can deal with a
mobile company with offices in Kenya e.g. Nokia.

We may have lower standards of governance (public integrity) than Westerners
but Kenyans who demand one law to be passed and enforced for all should be
able to do so without being bombed / terrorized.

Technically this is not difficult to achieve but politics, bureaucracy &
bribery provide another angle.

What are we doing about it?
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