[kictanet] Announcement: Local Content and Software Applications Grant

Lucy Odhiambo lodhiambo at ict.go.ke
Thu Jun 3 21:04:35 EAT 2010

Dear Listers,

The Kenya ICT Board is pleased to announce the launch a Local Content and
Software Applications Grant. A call for proposals was advertised this
morning. Successful applicants will receive grants of up to US$ 50,000 for
firms and US$ 10,000 for individuals. 

All Tandaa Participants are encouraged to submit proposals for consideration
for the Local Content and Software Applications Grant.

There are two grant opportunities. They include:

1. Government Information Portal
This Grant Component will support the development of the existing Government
information portal (www.information.go.ke) developed by the Ministry of
Information and Communication. There is increased demand for the development
of web and mobile based information services that provide Government
agencies and the public with readily accessible and transparent content and
data. The grant will be utilized for developing:

a) Specific content and applications
b) Innovative new content and applications
c) Urban and rural community based applications

2. Private sector content and applications including SMS and IVR and
This Grants Component will support the development, roll out and scale-up of
content and applications including SMS/IVR and e-Services. The purpose of
this grant is to support individuals and firms to develop innovative
communications and information applications that utilize web and mobile
technologies. This grant is open to firms and individuals in the private
sector who are interested in developing applications that would be of
benefit to the general public or improve the delivery of existing services.
The grant will cover the expenses for service and content development as
well as awareness building.

Grant Amount
The grant will be limited to a maximum of USD 50,000 for firms and USD
10,000 for individuals. The single currency for price conversions is Kenya
Shillings, the source of official selling rates is Central Bank of Kenya and
the date of exchange rates is the date of Call for Proposals advertisement.


Application Forms

*	Online Application Forms for Firms
*	Online Application Forms for Individuals



For more information:

*	Visit: www.ict.go.ke
*	Send an email to: grants at ict.go.ke
*	Call us on: 020 2394244


All the best!



Kenya ICT Board

Local Content Grants Team



Lucy Gachui Odhiambo, 
Communications Manager
Kenya ICT Board
PO Box 27150 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

12th Floor, Teleposta Towers , Kenyatta Avenue Entrance
Tel +254 20 2089061, +254 737 839 047
Fax: +254 20 2211962

website: www.ict.go.ke

Vision: Kenya becomes a top ten global ICT hub

Mission: To champion and actively enable Kenya to adopt and exploit ICT,
through promotion of partnerships, investments and infrastructure growth for
socio economic enrichment


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