[kictanet] Honouring the man who linked Kenya to world (was Update on Arrangements for Kisumu Reunion – December 21-23rd, 2010)

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Dear Shem. 

Well earned and congras. This reminds me of the "dark old days" when owning a 
mobile phone without the authority from above was a criminal offence. Though we 
could still manage to get a few connected.




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on Arrangements for Kisumu Reunion – December 21-23rd, 2010)

Well earned Shem. Congratulations.


Quoting Shem Ochuodho <shemochuodho at yahoo.com>:

> Madada Philo na Betty,
> Ahsanteni for the pongezi's. It was re-freshening to know the CTO
> (Commonwealth 
> Telecom Organization www.cto.int) domiciled in London, with current CEO being
> Ghana's former Minister for Communication (Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah) could
> remember 
> some of Africa's Unsung Heroes. I am working on a book with that name to 
> catalogue the evolution of Internet in Africa - perhaps we should look for 
> royalties from FaceBook, Google, mPesa, YouTube, SEACOM, etc! But the efforts
> could not have borne fruit without the inputs of several other people,
> including 
> the techies who alongside Randy Bush burnt mid-night oil (Dr Martin Koyabe -
> now 
> with British Telecoms, Paul Olendo now @UN, Alfred Orimbo, etc) - for several
> nights - to get it all work on Kenya's/indeed Africa's then real terrible
> phone 
> lines.
> In the same vein, without Steve Goldstein of the US National Science
> Foundation 
> (who provided the boxes and technology) and Peter Sutherland of UK's Overseas
> Development Agency (ODA now DfID) who took up the initial leased line phone 
> bills - used to cost US$ 16,000 (yes, 16k) per month for just a mere 64KBps
> pipe 
> - it wouldn't have happened.
> When in 2000 CSK (Computer Society of Kenya) felt I deserved 'Father of
> Internet 
> in Kenya' title, I dedicated the award to three people: Amb. Dr Benjamin 
> Kipkorir (then Kenya's Ambassador in Washington), Micah Cheserem (then
> Governor, 
> Central Bank), Brig. (Rtd) Wilson Boinnett (then DG, NSIS aka Special
> Branch). 
> Without these guys' intervention, the KANU regime of the time wouldn't have 
> allowed Internet to happen. Not that they didn't try to block it - the then
> Head 
> of Public Service wrote a letter (I have a souvenir copy) to all PS's, Heads
> of 
> Military, Special Branch, etc warning them not to connect to
> ARCC/Internet/UNEP 
> without direct approval from his office. That partly explains why these three
> Kenyan Wazalendo's perhaps deserve these awards more than I.
> Last but not least, Jeddy and the kids who allowed me to use one of the
> family 
> bedrooms for initial tests when sections of the University felt by staying
> late 
> in the labs night, we had 'lots of idle time and needed to be given more 
> teaching load' had denied us space to do the experiments. But all the Glory
> must 
> always go to God the Almighty, Allah - the One and Only!
> For those who missed the story (courtesy Visioner Augustine Oduor), you can 
> access it on: 

> Best rgrds,
> Shem
> 2010 CTO/GoSS African Internaut (Internet Pioneer) Award Recipient
> ________________________________
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> December 
> 21-23rd, 2010
> Adhiambo,
> thanks very much for letting me know.. I did not know.. Congrats Shem. You
> did 
> not say it even as I was telling you of my little works?\
> Philo
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> December 
> >21-23rd, 2010
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> >
>> >Congratulations Shem on the honor you received the other day, pioneer
> internet 
> >related Kenya.
> >
> >Adhiambo
> >
> > 

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