[kictanet] Most data wireless technologies ( except 3G ) to become obsolete when kenya gets undersea fiber?

bitange at jambo.co.ke bitange at jambo.co.ke
Fri May 30 11:24:06 EAT 2008

Dear Aki,
Wireless solutions will never be obsolete.  They are the intergral part of
our last mile connectivity.  They complement fibre optic.  We may never
have fibre to all homes and offices.  Upgrade of base stations shall
provide us with sufficient broadband in the coming months.

We must grow our broadband reach.  It has an inverse relationship with
voice pricing.  As you increase the number of broadband users, voice
tarrifs tend to drop to the extent that you may even have free calls.  You
may have noted that this is beggining to look real.

In most advanced countries broadband to homes is as high as 100mb. Once we
are through with infrastructure, the pressure on price will intensify and
most likely you will pay for 100 mb the price you currently pay for 512
KB.  Most operators have fibre backhaul between most stations.  They are
also using WIMAX for backhaul purposes.

You will NEVER see telecom prices raise for some time irrespective of
inflation.  The competitive framework is in such a way that pressure on
pricing shall continue to favour the consumer.  We are also keenly
watching to ensure maximum competition.  There is a possibility that the
regulator may start looking at number portability to give the consumer
more power.

Please let me know if the response do not address all your questions.



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