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The issue  here is not simple.  Civil society is known to be part of the problem in development.  Take the slum areas for example, you cannot move anything before civil society is on your case.  Some are protective of the status quo in order to get more funds. 

Do not get me wrong on this because I know some fine civil society organizations committed to see development.


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i must admit this discussion is likely to be the most
'silent' i have ever done.  Anyway, here's an advanced list
of what is in the pipeline for the months of June and July.

1. eTransaction Bill - what are the contents and
2. Internet Governance Forum- why should it matter?
3. ICT Indicators - the Kenyan Perspective.

Hpe u are now fore-warned and hopefully will be more
prepared. Some of you claim that the current topic 'Role of
Public, Private Sector and Civil Soceity in ICT4D' was
'ambushed' on them and so they have minimal contributions.



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