[kictanet] Public Sector Roles (activities, motives & challenges) Day 7 of 10

John Walubengo jwalu at yahoo.com
Tue May 27 08:53:55 EAT 2008

Morning all,

Today we wish to turn our attention to what the Public
(Govt) is doing with regard to ICT4Ds.  

>From my observation, there has been quite some impetus in
the last 5years or so on this regard.  What comes to mind
in no particular order, is the commissioning of the eGovt
Secretariate and the ICT Board, the liberalization of ICT
sector through the Kenya Comm Act 1999, the gazettement of
the the National ICT Policy, the Privatisation of the
national Telco Provider and the initiation of the TEAMs, 
submarine project.

It would be nice for members to share their opinion on the
activities and challenges surrounding the above and other
government initiatives.

The floor is open, we have only today Tue May 27th and
tomorrow on this.



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