[kictanet] Civil Society Roles (activities, motives & challenges) Day 3 of 10

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Wed May 21 18:02:42 EAT 2008

 Greetings Walu and all, 
It happens that am in the workshop with Mr.Hare. 
Kimathi Information Centre based in Kamukunji constituency and its offices in Kimathi Estate;
1)Uses computers as a tool in catalyzing Macro n Micro businesses to get skills on how to use office based programs.

 2)Offer trainings/workshops for Ideas,Macro & Micro enterprise on how to write business plans,letters and business etiquette.(August trainings registration open.We are in partnership with University of British Columbia).

 3)We provide convenience to the community inhabitants in offering Internet based services as its main sustainability model. 


1) Convincing the stakeholders to fund initiatives e.g,Workshops/Symposiums. 
2) Poor Internet connectivity.Unfortunately its our sustainability model.
3)Capacity building on training staff on changing trends in the ICT field.However its important to note that this issue is being addressed by stakeholders like Kictanet and ICTBOARD.

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