[kictanet] Civil Society Roles (activities, motives & challenges) Day 3 of 10

Joseph Maruti maruti at worldcorps.org
Wed May 21 14:45:09 EAT 2008

An interesting initiative I have seen is DrumNet (see

They use ICTs to extend Markets, Finance and Informational services to
small scale farmers.

Another initiative that comes to mind is the Digital Opportunity Trust
(see http://dotrust.org/) whose work I have seen in Kenya, though they
work in the Middle East and in the USA as well.

They assist communities to learn to leverage ICTs in making their life
better.  This initiative is possible wherever there are people and
technology, infact they are as bold as calling their 'interns' ICT4D.


> Today and tomorrow, we want to rapidly scan the activities
> initiated by Civil Societyon  on ICT4D landscape. Members
> are expected to cite the organisation and what they are
> doing and if possible the objectives and challenges.
> I wish to start with One group that comes to mind -The
> Computer for Schools initiative which I think is involved
> in importing,refurbishing and deploying used computers to
> various primary and secondary schools.
> And I speak as an external observer when I say that
> probably their motive or objective is to ensure that all
> schools have PCs that students can access. Possible
> challenges could be whether those schools have the
> pre-requisite requirements to exploit or use these PCs i.e.
> do they have IT Teachers, Electrical Power Supply, ICT
> Training Content, or even time allocation to teach IT
> within our otherwise over-loaded Primary and Secondary
> Curricula?
> Feel free to share your experiences, observations or
> comments using any Civil Society Initiative. Yes, even
> KICTAnet is on the table if you wish ;-) though one can
> argue that is more of an MSP than CS (thanks to Tim Unwin's
> terminology).  Anyway, let this be an opportunity for
> self-examination rather than finger-pointing, character
> assassination and/or temper raising opportunity.
> The floor is open for today (wed 21st) and tomorrow (thrs
> 22nd) on this theme.
> walu.
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