[kictanet] Existing Policy Frameworks for ICT4D- Day 2 of 10

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The question is whether there is a need for such frameworks? A policy frame work should help make the playing field level for everyone. As you mentioned possibly self-regulation might be way to go. Perhaps sectoral ICT4D policy frame for civil society, public sector and private sector? Having a national framework means a lot of other interventions must be place to make the guidelines work. For example, you need to have a 'policing' body to ensure that the playing field is indeed level. In terms of the Civil Scoiety, we have the NGO Board, but do they have ICT as an agenda? Do they have capacity to effectively monitor any policy ICT4D that maybe in place?


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Morning all,

Yesterday was mainly dwelling on the basics and we had good
thoughts from Louis and Mike. Today we want to pick your
minds on the above theme.  Are there any policy frameworks
that govern the behaviour of Civil Society, Private Sector
and/or Public sector with regard to ICTs for Development?
Or is it that each of the above Stakeholder define their
own methodologies?

Plse share.



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