[kictanet] Existing Policy Frameworks for ICT4D- Day 2 of 10

John Walubengo jwalu at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 15:51:57 EAT 2008

Leonard adds another dimension...rather than ask if the
existing policy frameworks are sufficient, he raises the
question of whether they are necessary particularly within
the Civil Society & Private sector perspectives. He cites
self-regulation as probably the acceptable governance

Either way, methinks the current governance frameworks for
ICT4D is too liberalised (read free-style) particularly
within the Private Sector and Civil Society circles.  This
may serve them well within their sub-domain but I suspect
it creates challenges when they try to engage with the
Public Sector  which by nature thrives on laid-down Policy,
Regulatory and other Procedures.

There are some ICT Policy/Development experts on this list
whom I hope shall find time to share their views  - Dr. C.
Nyaki Adeya?, Dr. M. Wafula? Anybody?

--- Leonard Mware <mleonardo at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Walu,
> The question is whether there is a need for such
> frameworks? A policy frame work should help make the
> playing field level for everyone. As you mentioned
> possibly self-regulation might be way to go. Perhaps
> sectoral ICT4D policy frame for civil society, public
> sector and private sector? Having a national framework
> means a lot of other interventions must be place to make
> the guidelines work. For example, you need to have a
> 'policing' body to ensure that the playing field is
> indeed level. In terms of the Civil Scoiety, we have the
> NGO Board, but do they have ICT as an agenda? Do they
> have capacity to effectively monitor any policy ICT4D
> that maybe in place?
> Leonard
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> Morning all,
> Yesterday was mainly dwelling on the basics and we had
> good
> thoughts from Louis and Mike. Today we want to pick your
> minds on the above theme.  Are there any policy
> frameworks
> that govern the behaviour of Civil Society, Private
> Sector
> and/or Public sector with regard to ICTs for Development?
> Or is it that each of the above Stakeholder define their
> own methodologies?
> Plse share.
> walu.
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