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On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 5:02 PM, Al Kags <alkags at alkags.com> wrote:

> I have received this request from a friend in mauritius. Anyone know where
> I should point him towards?
> "I wonder if you can assist me : my company is looking for IT resources as
> we are fast growing in terms of head count and I must say that we are
> finding difficulty to recruit IT graduates from the local market. Would you
> know how easy it is to get such profile in Kenya? Ideally we would be
> looking for people who have some experience (at least one year) in the
> Microsoft technology environment, i.e VB6, VB.NET <http://vb.net/>, ASP,
> ASP.Net, SQL server,...We are ready to offer the right candidates long term
> employment in (the company, I am not disclosing yet). Would you also have an
> idea of the salary range applicable in Kenya?"
> This may mean a real opportunity for many youth.

Hello Al Kags,

There are some folks from skunkworks (Kenya) on this list. You may also mail
this to riyaz.bachani->wananchi-<com. He can spread the word.
Your friend may as well contact any local reputable recruitment/HR agency to
help him/her get the programmers.

Best regards,
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