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Another take on the ICT expo

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The most boring expo ever. I just havent met anybody who praised it. 
Very boring and the people manning the stands had very scant info on the 
companies they were representing. I must again come and confess that 
that Safcom guys were well ahead. The you guys had all the info on which 
products are coming ssoon and even the exxpected dates. And they were 
confirming what I have heard also.

But Popote guys must improve to be competetive. ICT village. ICT board 
(old men at the stand).

And the youth conference was boring since the PS and others couldn't be 
asked questions. I really like the ICT conferences to be like the 
Strathmore annual ICT conference. We must be allowed to put our leaders 
to task. Wakina Mwaniki can do better.

ICT village is represented well in kaziafrika and so I appeal to them to 
please be serious.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 8:38 AM, william mwangi > wrote:


I totally agree with you.

I was researching on how to integrate services like mpesa or sokotele 
with the web (for buying online). I visited the stands for safaricom and 
celtel at the expo and none of the individuals could give me a solid 
answer. They all told me to go to their head offices.

These among other stands didn't have well informed presenters to 100% 
answer the questions. Or did I misunderstand the theme of the expo?


William M.

On 4/27/08, *john kihahu* > 

Hi pple? For those who attended the ict expo, did you happen to find
it as boring as I did? I thought kaziafrika would get a stand!

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