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Dear Mblayo,

Would be possible to get copies of the two papers by
electronic mail? I really would appreciate and I think
quite a number of members would want the papers.
Thank you for the information.
Dan Njiriri

--- brian <brian at caret.net> wrote:

> I am coming late to this debate .... more follows:
> On Wed, 5 Dec 2007 06:03:46 +0000 (GMT), robert yawe
> <robertyawe at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > 
> > Your analogy of a Road from Mwea to Kericho is an
> interesting one, if you
> > have noticed all roads have led to Nairobi for
> many years it is only after
> > those satellite locations have grown sufficient
> traffic through Nairobi
> > that we have developed direct linkages.  A case in
> point is the road
> > connecting from Machakos to Thika, Kitengela to
> Rongai, and the now being
> > constructed Njambini Road.
> > 
> > Why didn't we develop this roads at independence? 
> I differ strongly on this. Most roads in Africa were
> built to support the largely extractive industrial
> practices of colonial masters and the
> post-independence regimes which turned a blind eye
> to the economic pillage of our countries. Most of
> these roads are what we continue to re-carpet,
> repair and depend on for our basic transport. Same
> applies to telecommunications and other major
> infrastructure.
> Any new infrastructure in an African country, be it
> a road, an airline route or an optic fibre cable
> needs to be thought out from a fresh standpoint and
> a mindset that leans towards building internal
> capacity or providing the
> platform/environment/atmosphere for local/internal
> capacity to be built.
> I have elaborated on this in an AfrISPA position
> paper - "One Voice - A VOIP Position Paper" while
> Mucheru has highlighted the market structure and
> regulatory regimes to support African country's
> emergent and blossoming ICT sectors in another
> AfrISPA position paper entitled "The Rules of
> Engagement" Copies of these papers can be availed
> freely upon request.
> Mblayo
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