[kictanet] Kenyans executing Identy Theft in the US!

John Walubengo jwalu at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 12:10:38 EAT 2007

Looks like the internet security challenge is already being
practiced by Kenyans in the diaspora...

check this out...

Two Convergys employees arrested on ID fraud charges  	  

Two Convergys employees were arrested and charged with
ordering thousands of dollars worth of cell phones and
accessories using the identities of AT&T customers.

Kechi Ezem, 24, of Provo, was arrested Tuesday and charged
with one count each of identity fraud and theft, and
24-year-old Philista Oniango, of Orem, was arrested
Wednesday and charged with one count each of theft and
identity theft. Oniango is also being held at the Utah
County Jail on an immigration hold. Both women are
employees of Convergys, which handles calls for AT&T.

According to court documents, Orem police went to Convergys
after AT&T learned that a cell phone billed to one of its
customers had been ordered by Ezem. Ezem told police that
Oniango had her computer password, and a search of company
records showed that she had confirmed the order of more
than $50,000 worth of phones and accessories using AT&T
customer accounts, court documents said. Most of the phones
were sent to Oniango's home in Orem. 

the story continues at


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