[kictanet] Faith in local web hosting

Alex Gakuru alexgakuru.lists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 12:10:01 EAT 2007

Dr. Ndemo,

On Dec 3, 2007 4:43 PM,  <bitange at jambo.co.ke> wrote:
> You did not have to take this personally.  In the past three months, 10
> BPO enterprises were set up.  At the same time I have received five lobby
> groups that want to set up a union for the BPO sector and ten different
> groups of people want an all inclusive ICT professional organization.
> Some of the later groups want registration of ICT professionals.  This is
> why I am pleasantly amused that we indeed we have more people who want to
> be activists rather than entrepreneurs.

Not taken personally, but thanks. The last time I suspected you had
aimed at hitting me below the belt, I did came over to your office and
we sorted it out amicably:)

On these various groups touring your office, I suppose they trust and
look up to your leadership. Thus you have a "nicer" problem than if
they came with demands. I heard that some foreigners were surprised to
learn that you not only respond to emails, but anyone wanting to see
you only needs to walk to your office and state their case.

> I enjoy your criticism but I do not entirely think you are simply an
> activist.  Someone must bring up issues like that.  Ama namna gani?
Happy to know this, because Mt. Kenya has two sides - one side rains
almost always while the other, Nanyuki side, is rather dry.  I
continue critique whenever necessary.

Hiyo ni sawa!


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