[kictanet] Faith in local web hosting

bitange at jambo.co.ke bitange at jambo.co.ke
Sun Dec 2 21:47:47 EAT 2007

Dear Yawe,
In my view you are failing to understand.  I sent an e-mail to you stating
the efforts we have put in place to have a local broadband network.  I
also stated that we need the international broadband network to enhance
our common strategy on business processing outsourcing that now employs up
to 3,000 Kenyans and has a potential of employing many more.  Besides all
this I have also stated that access to connectivity will spur innovation
and create cheaper linkages to all Kenyans wherever they may be in the

We are simply creating an enabling environment.  This where many
opportunities will arise from.  Digital TV is one of the many
opportunities that we want our rural folks to utilize.  Local content
developers will need the networks to sell their content.  Educational
institutions will need these networks to provide e-learning services. 
E-commerce shall flourish.  Tourissts accessing local services, flower
farmers linking cheaply to their customers etc.  This is all about
economic growth.

I sense you are not in agreement with us on why we need the Fibre Optic. 
You will do us a lot of good if you had an answer.  In all your writing,
you seem to be complaining and not offering any sugestions.  Yet this
forum is for sharing of ideas.  Can you for once share what you are up to.
 You may greatly help this country if what we are doing is not

You are right about TKL Fibre that is not terminated and we are doing
something about it.  In fact the problem is local content which the
Government is soon churning out and will need the FO.  The greater problem
though is that we have far too many activists than we have entrepreneurs. 
Innovative people cannot complain about idle capacity of such a factor of
production.  It is criminal that you who is aware of what ICT
infrastructure can do to the country that you sit there to complain that
it is idle instead of raising awareness to the public and utilizing that


Bitange Ndemo.

> Kagai,
> Like all the rest we are misplacing the importance of the marine cable and
> it is unfortunate that Dr. Ndemo is also unable to provide us with the
> logical reason for why we need to land this fiber cable.
> Your issue of digital TV has nothing to do with whether we have the marine
> cable or not as our transmission is local and thus what we need is a fiber
> network within the country.  I have been listening to that story of
> digital TV being echoed by many a so called IT gurus.  All that the fiber
> will do is create so much competition for our local stations before they
> have enough time to adopt or recoup their investments which will result in
> massive layoffs.  If we can negotiate for the delay i

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