[Kictanet] ICANN Marrakech - June 2006

alice at apc.org alice at apc.org
Wed May 17 16:20:32 EAT 2006

Dear All,

"Apologies for cross posting"


The next ICANN meetings will be taking place in Marrakech, Morocco June 
25-30. As you all know ICANN meetings are open to all who want to 
participate. You can pre-register on the web site and if you need 
invitations for Visa purposes you can request them online.
Visas can be obtained on arrival at airport under condition that you send 10 
DAYS before arrival the following information to the following email 
Rachid Sefrioui<sefrioui at anrt.net.ma>, Hamida Benlemlih 
<hamida at anrt.net.ma>,
* passport number, address, passport expiry/issuance dates of passport, 
arrival airport in Marocco.

We hope to see you all there.

Anne-Rachel Inne 

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