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Florence Etta
Nairobi, Kenya
Call for Papers

   National television policies in the age of globalization

   Considerable discussion in the debate on globalisation within media 
studies has centred on the question over the impact of the forces of 
globalisation on the nature and dynamics of national policy-making. On one 
side of the debate are those who argue that technological change in the form 
of digitalisation, the expanded jurisdiction of supranational organisations, 
and the increased reach of global capital are challenging the capacity of 
national governments to assert control over their domestic electronic media 
industries This is engendering a pattern of convergent trends in 
broadcasting policy across countries. On the other side of the debate are 
those who claim that, despite a similar set of external constraints, 
national governments still retain key policy instruments to direct the 
evolution of their media industries in accordance with their policy goals, 
as demonstrated by the variety in national approaches to the various policy 
issues that are currently at the top of
 the political agenda. According to this line of argument, in order to 
account for contemporary dynamics in media policies, it is still essential 
to consider in the analysis the distinctive features of one country’s 
political system, its political culture, and the legacy of pre-existing 
arrangements in the organisation of the domestic media industry.

   We are looking for original, research-based papers that contribute to 
this debate by broadening the understanding of the interplay between global 
forces and the states in the making of contemporary national television 
policies. We welcome both national studies and comparative research across 
countries as well as research on policy-making at the supranational level 
(e.g. the European Union). Particularly welcomed are those contributions 
that attempt to incorporate into the analysis the theoretical approaches to 
the explanation of policy change and variation developed within the 
policy-orientated literature.

   Possible topics include but are not limited to:

   ­          Policy approaches to digital cable, satellite, and terrestrial 

   ­          Digital switch-over strategies;

   ­          The regulation of digital pay-TV access (CAS, API, EPGs) and 
interactive services;

   ­          Policy approaches to IPTV;

   ­          Policy approaches to HDTV;

   ­          Policy approaches to Mobile TV;

   ­          The reform of public service broadcasters;

   ­          The reform of media ownership rules;

   ­          The regulation of programme production and of particular types 
of television content;

   ­          The reorganisation of the regulatory regime for the convergent 
communications sector.

   Applicants may submit abstracts of no more than 250 words to Alessandro D’Arma 
at A.DArma01 at westminster.ac.uk. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 
Friday 29th September 2006. For accepted articles the deadline of the 
submission will be Wednesday 31st January 2007.

   Details of WPCC are at: http://www.wmin.ac.uk/mad/page-880

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