[Kictanet] where is meeting for EASSY

warigia bowman warigiabowman at hotmail.com
Sat May 6 11:02:09 EAT 2006

Hello Brian

please give us more info on the meeting on EASSY? Where is it and what do we 
need to do to attend?

Yours, Rigia

>Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 11:12 AM
>Subject: Re: [Fibre-for-africa] Kenya to Build Kshs 15 Billion Fibre Optic
>>I would urgently suggest that anybody who is interested in this  subject 
>>and is in Nairobi on the 8th should attend the workshop that  the Ministry 
>>has called. The PS is now in Djibouti and I expect that  he will come back 
>>with some interesting suggestions. The workshop is  intended to address 
>>all the issues required to establish multi- million Multimedia technology 
>>park and I believe that internet  infrastructure is a key element. For 
>>those of you who saw the notice  in the newspapers it was clear that 
>>investors, contractors,  architects, development partners etc are being 
>>called to attend this  event and chart the way forward. Unfortunately I 
>>will be out of the  country at the time - otherwise I would have really 
>>wanted to participate.
>>On May 5, 2006, at 10:11 AM, <alice at apc.org> <alice at apc.org> wrote:
>>>Well said Bill.
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>>>Participants" <fibre-for-africa at lists.apc.org>
>>>Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 12:49 PM
>>>Subject: Re: [Fibre-for-africa] Kenya to Build Kshs 15 Billion  Fibre 
>>>I dont have authority to speak on this but as an interested party I  can 
>>>1. The dynamics of capitalism are at play and the demand for the cable
>>>ultimately has to be met. For the local investors, we find the
>>>Djibouti route cheaper and accessible. But I am also aware that other
>>>interested parties are actually interested in laying the cable from
>>>Mombasa to India...and talks are in progress.
>>>2. Raising money from the Stock Exchange will not be easy as some have
>>>purported. Though we have had successes in the market, blue chip is
>>>not yet fully embraced since the collapse of Africa Lakes??? Africa
>>>Online. I know and have experienced that before Capital Markets
>>>Authority allows you to transact in the market it takes minimum 3
>>>years of vetting. So raising money from the NSE is (IMHO) impossible
>>>on the said time frame.
>>>3. Regardless of all the other unresolved problems, the ultimate
>>>scenario for some of us if for Govt to take the lead though a SPV
>>>worth USD 200 Million. We can then invest in the said vehicle which
>>>will have Govt as a share holder with a certain stake. This will
>>>probably be the best solution for interested entities and the money we
>>>invest proratas to the shares we get. I think Ubuntunet Alliance is
>>>also looking for a similar route. Then the SPV can assume legal
>>>status, acquire all the necessary licenses from CCK, later go public
>>>and we are on the move.
>>>Probably, if we were to form a consortia of this nature then we can
>>>negotiate with Govt, get things done and we all smile to the bank.
>>>The other thing I know for sure is that the Kenya Govt is very
>>>committed to PlanB of EASSy but they will require PPP to make it
>>>happen. I prefer this direction rather than wait for E-Africa
>>>Commission to be releasing info in bits and pieces to an extent where
>>>the investors we represent cannot tangibly make a decision on EASSy.
>>>With Kind Regards,
>>>Bildad Kagai
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>>>URL. egov.jkuat.ac.ke
>>>On 5/4/06, Eric Osiakwan <eric at afrispa.org> wrote:
>>>>Question, is there a specfic reason why the cable is being build  from 
>>>>Mombasa to Djibouti, Bill?
>>>>On another note, am not sure of the argument that the EA and SA 
>>>>governments and people have waited too long for EASSy to happen so  they 
>>>>are tired and considering alternate approaches.
>>>>Since we have all become Open Acces believers on the basis that  the 
>>>>"closed access" aka "club deal" has not the expected evidence  in SAT3, 
>>>>the consenssus is to try an alternate approach. Hence the  original plan 
>>>>for EASSy needs to change to an Open Access  structure so lets be 
>>>>patient and work through the mechanism except  if we have given up 
>>>>already and want to do EASSy the SAT3 way, God  forbid....
>>>>Eric here
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>>>>Date: Wed,  3 May 2006 12:17:50 -0500
>>>> >
>>>> >Actually I wouldn't be that hasty in thinking that this is an
>>>>entirely >bad
>>>> >thing. It seems that the government has gotten tired of waiting
>>>>for the
>>>> >operators to get their act together and mobilise EASSY (they have
>>>>now >pushed
>>>> >the completion date to 2008).
>>>> >
>>>> >So what the KE govt has decided to do is try and commission a cable
>>>> >running from
>>>> >Djibouti to Mombasa. To try and fast track the country's
>>>>"connectedness". >A
>>>> >potential spinoff is that this could potentially save EASSY the
>>>> >construction of
>>>> >that portion.
>>>> >
>>>> >It seems that we are not the only ones who are feeling frustrated
>>>>at how
>>>> >difficult EASSY seems to be getting....
>>>> >
>>>> >Regards,
>>>> >
>>>> >Brian
>>>> >
>>>> >Quoting Badru Ntege <ntegeb at one2net.co.ug>:
>>>> >
>>>> >>
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>> The  announcement  by the  Kenyan Government to  go it alone
>>>> >>> on the proposed  optic fibre  already presents a  sharky
>>>> >>> start and uncertain maturation of the ESSY project which has
>>>> >>> significant  impact  on bth the  the profile  and expecations
>>>> >>>  within the  consortium.
>>>> >>
>>>> >> It's a pitty though not too surprised.  This is indicative of
>>>>the >> typical
>>>> >> African short sightedness where a few government technocrats
>>>>hide their
>>>> >> limited knowledge on simple issues behind the vail of national >> 
>>>> >>
>>>> >> So when some of us who have been knocking our heads against
>>>>stalwarts >> like
>>>> >> these don't seem to excited by Eassy you can understand.  As
>>>>long as
>>>> >> governments are anywhere near the deal, it has a 40% chance of
>>>> >>
>>>> >> Sorry to our kenyan brothers and sisters, there goes your tax
>>>>money in >> a
>>>> >> black hole.  I predict that if they proceed, the project will
>>>>be >> reviewed
>>>> >> under a special comission of inquiry a few years later which
>>>>will >> conclude
>>>> >> that the funds were mismanaged, find one or two scapegoats who
>>>>will >> still
>>>> >> gate away with it.
>>>> >>
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