[Kictanet] driving internet growth in Africa - the fundamental role of content

Muriuki Mureithi mureithi at summitstrategies.co.ke
Thu Feb 23 09:13:09 EAT 2006

Dear colleagues 

AfrISPA (www.afrispa.org <http://www.afrispa.org/> ) has published a concise
paper that lays a firm foundation to address the next frontier to stimulate
internet growth in the continent and help Africa transition to the
information society.

The paper produced by Summit Strategies ltd  for Afrispa  with inspiration
of the General Manager Mr Brian Longwe makes concrete recommendations to
increase content and specifically as an indicator for content  to increase
the number of domains hundredfold from the current 1 domain per 100,000 to 1
domain per 100 by 2010. Members of Kictanet have a concrete role to play.
Download the paper at
er.zip and find out your role help Africa transition to the information


Very best regards 

Muriuki Mureithi



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