[Kictanet] Re: List Merger/amalgamation

Joseph Mucheru mucheru at wananchi.com
Wed Sep 28 23:26:02 EAT 2005

Dear Florence,

Many thanks for taking the time to provide the information as you  
did. If you remember
as TESPOK, we registered the domain name kiplist.or.ke and that is  
still available for
any eventuality. We certainly do not lay claims to that and as you  
are also aware we also
registered and provided the KICTAnet.or.ke list services for FREE to  
the everyone.

I would just like to add that even though Bill has this view that we  
in private sector
were out to get donor funds, this is purely an isolated view and that  
most people
that have interacted with TESPOK know that we have played a partner  
support role rather
than as implied.

National ICT issues are not necessarily for only civil society. I  
therefore strongly feel
we need a list where all stakeholders can discuss issues of national  
interest. As is already
stated, each group should have it's own list but we must have a  
central common list to discuss common issues. be they price or  
quality of service. The fact that am in private
sector (in the Internet business) does not mean I do not have a view  
on say GSM or other

I would therefore like to propose an even wilder view - let us get  
use one list that is Kenyan based kiplist.or.ke and get that hosted  
by KENIC who are the closest thing to a truly multi-stakeholder body.  
The list should also be moderated by KENIC - Sorry Victor/Michuki
for not consulting you first.

This way KICTANet can continue with it's advocacy activities.

My two cents worth.

Joseph Mucheru
Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK)
14th Floor, Bruce House - Standard Street
P O Box 27589 -00506 Nairobi, KENYA
Tel:    +254-20-245036
Cell: +254-722522135

On 27 Sep 2005, at 19:23, Bill Kagai wrote:

> Dear Florence,
> I also salute you for taking time to respond to the queries
> raised...(mostly mine).
> The bottom line unfortunately remains that Civil Society was
> short-changed by 3 factors;
> 1. Inactive CS leaders who we feel have to go and a new crop to  
> take over.
> 2. Some stakeholders mostly private sector organisations masquerading
> as civil society domineering and sucking CS organisations out of the
> process.
> 3. Lack of support (mostly donor funds) which went to the
> organisations mentioned in (2) and thus rendering real Civil Society
> inactive.
> All the same I'm happy it is all out in the open and hope
> recommendations suggested on improving the Civil Society sector will
> be taken seriously in the projects currently being developed. We look
> forward to Wainaina leading Civil Society into true engagement in the
> multistakeholder activities.
> Guess mine was to 'inspire then expire'.
> --
> With Kind Regards,
> Bildad Kagai
> CEO - Circuits & Packets Communications Ltd
> Coordinator - Free Software & Open Source Foundation for Africa  
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> P. O. Box 20311 - 00200
> Nairobi, Kenya
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> Cell. 254 722 379409
> E. fossfa at gmail.com
> URL. www.fossfa.net
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