[Kictanet] List Merger/amalgamation

Alex Gakuru gakuru at mail.co.ke
Mon Sep 26 12:03:16 EAT 2005

Hi Florence,

My view is that the merger is not only a very good idea, but long overdue on the following grounds: -

1. The "parallel everything" approaches are wasteful ( time, opportunity, efficiency, cost, ...)
2. Duplication:- Why address a message to one list and duplicate to the other ( forget, or apologize for "cross postings"),
3. Access to Information Rights; Everyone has the right to information in the two lists. Clear any impressions of exclusivity!
4. Broaden the reach, effectiveness, and therefore impact in ICTs advocacy,
5. Empower ICT consumers since industry infrastructure, service, and products suppliers will be more receptive to a bigger group of interventionists,
6. Authoritative:  A single focal reference point on industry issues from a research, media, education, awareness,.. perspective.
7. Harmonisation: Avoid possible position contradictions that would collectively weaken both lists
8. Rejuvenation: Activity would be more and the merged list subscribers would be "where the action is"
9. Legitimacy: Consolidated lists members qualify to talk on behalf of a bigger multi-stakeholder constituency.
10. Responsibility: A single bigger audience will subject one opinion to a broader-based scrutiny and responses

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  Hi all,
  At a brief meeting on Friday Alice and I agreed that it would be a good idea to merge the two list, KICTANet and KIPList. 
  This email is basically to ask  if you think this to be a good idea or not and why. 

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