[kictanet] Kenya's 2022 Election: Battle of the IT gurus

David Indeje dindeje at kictanet.or.ke
Tue Jul 5 09:22:00 EAT 2022

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Dear Listers,

General elections are scheduled to be held in Kenya on 9 August 2022. As
per one of Kenya's Dailies - opposition leader Raila Odinga and Deputy
President William Ruto aspire to use top notch IT Gurus to safeguard their

It should be noted that the IEBC has emphasised that voters would be
strictly identified electronically with an aim of curbing the misuse of
manual registers.

Indeed, these developments shed more light to our policy brief *"Personal
*& Elections 2022'* By Tevin Mwenda and Victor Kapiyo

The brief assesses how the implementation of the Data Protection Act, 2019
will impact the 2022 Kenyan elections. The importance of this law is that
unlike previous elections, the 2022 election will be the first to be held
with a comprehensive data protection law in place. https://bit.ly/3OLX1bN

*Kind Regards,*

*David Indeje*

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