[kictanet] Data Protection Act, 2019 Regulations

Benson Muite benson_muite at emailplus.org
Sun Jan 16 09:16:28 EAT 2022

Thanks for posting. Hopefully the registration process will be made easy 
to do online. If it was integrated with online business 
registration/registration renewal, administration costs could be 
significantly lowered.

Revenue is the primary metric used for regulating businesses. The number 
of users may also be of interest, since a data breach with 5 million 
people will likely have far greater impact than a data breach with 50 
people (of course it is possible to choose 50 people, for whom a data 
breach can impact very many others).

It is unclear if data breach insurance could be a further mandated 
extension - this would provide a regulation mechanism in the same way 
that third party insurance motivates somewhat better driving on public 

Finally, community education is also needed, as experience with HIPAA 
[1] shows.


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> Thank you Victor for sharing. Came at just the right time...
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>     Morning Listers,
>     Please find the three Regulations under the Data Protection Act,
>     2019 as published yesterday in the Kenya Gazette.
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