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Fri Jan 7 17:21:00 EAT 2022

Good Day All,

@bantigito has been at the forefront of "*digitalisation*", but are we
spectating at a problem that will prevail in the very near future and seems
to have no cure nor enthusiasm to understand and solve it? @bantigito I
believe this issue/space has much more severe consequences than

Just like problems in computer and network security problems have been
carried over to everything, nowadays getting a TCP/IP stack in a device is
very cheap and everything is just a computer, the problem of *unaudited
algorithms* and* systems* making and affecting decisions is going to cut
across every sector, agency and corporation.

I wonder how many such systems are currently being used and are soon to
come (Ministry of Lands - Ardhisasa, Automated Road fines by NTSA etc.).
Identification Systems, Electioneering,  Public Work, Travel an
Immigration, Tax Revenue Collection and Retirement Benefits, Electronic
Health/Medical Records, Banks and Credit Lending, Insurance ...etc

The investigative journalism piece by @TheMarkup -

Yours Kindly,
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