[kictanet] Safer Internet Day 2022

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Tue Feb 8 15:09:21 EAT 2022

Dear Listers,

Today, February 8 2022, is Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is
“Together for a better internet”. The year marks the 19th edition of Safer
Internet Day which commemorates a day for stakeholders to come together to
bring attention and solidarity towards making the internet safer and better
place for all, and more so, for children and young people.

As part of our commitment to the day, KICTANet collaborated with the
Capacity Centre for Southern Africa (C3SA)
<http://www.c3sa.uct.ac.za/c3sa/about> and EBotho Cyberspa
participated in a webinar to promote cybersecurity awareness for civil
society organisations in sub-Saharan Africa.

The session highlighted the key cyber harms faced by civil society, the
state of digital rights and the key actions that civil society in the
region need to undertake to prevent threats and promote the realisation of
digital rights in the region.

More…… https://www.kictanet.or.ke/celebrating-the-safer-internet-day/


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