[kictanet] [*Newsletter*] Re: Huduma Namba to replace KRA PIN in battle against tax cheats

Michael Pedersen michael at uhasibu.co.ke
Thu Dec 23 11:04:32 EAT 2021

Hi Philip & Listers.

An update would be great - in particular I seem to remember that 
KRA/iTax was supposed to be one of the early adopters of the PKI setup, 
and I do remember seeing something about PKI on the itax login page some 
years back but don't know if it's still active/working.

Also still trying to piece together a mental picture of the 
historical/cronological development of digital id efforts throughout the 
various Gov agencies - if anyone got "the big picture" then a brief 
overview would be much appreciated.

Kind regards
Micahel Pedersen

On 22/12/2021 15:23, Philip Irode wrote:
> We  would be glad to update on the progress  so far made by the 
> respective agencies working on this. This is ICT Authority ( Licensed 
> Government Certification Authority (GovCA and Communication Authority 
> ( Root CA).
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> PIN in battle against tax cheats
> Hi Listers,
> I am a little late to this party ;-)
> Does anyone know what happened to the PKI effort championed by the 
> ICT-Board back in 2013 ? (see: 
> https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/bd/corporate/companies/kenya-to-introduce-digital-signatures-for-online-services-2027870 
> )
> Just trying to gain some perspective. Is the "Huduma Namba" an evolved 
> version of what was supposedly "ready in October 2013", or was the PKI 
> abandoned and the Huduma Namba is a completely different thing....
> In short does anyone have a full historical perspective of how digital 
> id efforts/attempts have evolved in Kenya over the years ?
> kind regards.
> Michael Pedersen
> On 22/12/2021 13:19, David Indeje via KICTANet wrote:
>     Dear Listers,
>     Sometimes, one can sit down and think. When thinking, you ask
>     yourself if the government can be defeated or not. Personally, I
>     do not know the perfect answer.
>     I hope wherever you are, you are keeping safe and having the best
>     of the last that 2021 can offer.
>     This week, you have read about the comeback of *Huduma Namba
>     *(National Integrated Identity Management System). This
>     is a  ‘single source of truth’ on a person’s identity.
>     A few months ago, the High Court struck down the Government of
>     Kenya’s decision to roll out the issuance of Huduma Cards due to
>     violations of the Data Protection Act, 2019. The state was told to
>     conduct a data protection impact assessment
>     <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/what-is-a-data-protection-impact-assessment/>
>     before anything else takes place. (Kenyans were happy of course). 
>     In response, the Government has come up with "Huduma Bill 2021"
>     (attached) for those who need to read its contents.
>     For those who do not know, KiCTANET has been on the forefront to
>     highlight the gaps and also offer what needs to be done to have
>     progress especially when it comes to Huduma Number. Below are
>     links to them:
>      1. /Huduma Namba - time to get it right
>         <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42680>/ By Mutindi
>         Muema, Tevin Mwenda and Angela Minayo Edited by: Grace
>         Githaiga. The aim of this policy brief is to address any
>         issues related to registration, legal identity and the
>         administration and use of digital IDs.
>      2. /Digital Identification Law in Kenya
>         <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42671>: /The State of
>         Play Author: Prof. Sylvia Kang’ara Edited by: Grace Githaiga
>         and Victor Kapiyo. The brief makes a number of
>         recommendations, chief among them being the need to take into
>         account and ensure compliance with the directives of the High
>         Court.
>      3. This is a report/"Implementing Huduma Namba: Challenges and
>         Prospects" <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42661>.
>         /The study found a variety of best practices on national
>         digital identities from the United States of America, Estonia
>         and India. Additionally, there are international standards on
>         digital identity such as the World Economic Forum Emerging
>         Best Practices which advocates for digital identity to be fit
>         for purpose, inclusive, useful, secure and offer choice to
>         registrants.
>      4. Documentary /"Huduma Namba: Emerging Issues on Kenya's Future
>         Digital ID System"
>         <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crr60Y5UP_A&list=PLYSO7PoCyXHTwq-QvaWYbLLBAQY5_tyOS>/
>     NB- the links enable you to download the pdf version.
>     *Kind Regards,*
>     *David Indeje
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>     +254 (0) 711 385 945 | +254 (0) 734 024 856
>     <https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-indeje/>
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