[kictanet] Huduma Namba to replace KRA PIN in battle against tax cheats

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Wed Dec 22 13:19:31 EAT 2021

Dear Listers,

Sometimes, one can sit down and think. When thinking, you ask yourself if
the government can be defeated or not. Personally, I do not know the
perfect answer.

I hope wherever you are, you are keeping safe and having the best of the
last that 2021 can offer.

This week, you have read about the comeback of  *Huduma Namba *(National
Integrated Identity Management System). This is a  ‘single source of truth’
on a person’s identity.

A few months ago, the High Court struck down the Government of Kenya’s
decision to roll out the issuance of Huduma Cards due to violations of the
Data Protection Act, 2019. The state was told to conduct a data protection
impact assessment
before anything else takes place. (Kenyans were happy of course).  In
response, the Government has come up with "Huduma Bill 2021" (attached) for
those who need to read its contents.

For those who do not know, KiCTANET has been on the forefront to highlight
the gaps and also offer what needs to be done to have progress especially
when it comes to Huduma Number. Below are links to them:

   1. *Huduma Namba - time to get it right
   <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42680>* By Mutindi Muema, Tevin
   Mwenda and Angela Minayo Edited by: Grace Githaiga. The aim of this policy
   brief is to address any issues related to registration, legal identity and
   the administration and use of digital IDs.
   2. *Digital Identification Law in Kenya
   <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42671>: *The State of
   Play Author: Prof. Sylvia Kang’ara Edited by: Grace Githaiga and Victor
   Kapiyo. The brief makes a number of recommendations, chief among them being
   the need to take into account and ensure compliance with the directives of
   the High Court.
   3. This is a report* "Implementing Huduma Namba: Challenges and
   Prospects" <https://www.kictanet.or.ke/?mdocs-file=42661>. *The study
   found a variety of best practices on national digital identities from the
   United States of America, Estonia and India. Additionally, there are
   international standards on digital identity such as the World Economic
   Forum Emerging Best Practices which advocates for digital identity to be
   fit for purpose, inclusive, useful, secure and offer choice to registrants.
   4. Documentary *"Huduma Namba: Emerging Issues on Kenya's Future Digital
   ID System"

NB- the links enable you to download the pdf version.

*Kind Regards,*

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